We are Grouptrail.

Since 2004, our platform has evolved from a focus on project management to customer relationship management to group messaging to a visual database for tracking people and processes. At its core, Grouptrail has always been a collaborative database tool for workflow management.

Grouptrail is a proven and tested platform hosting millions of data records including 1,000 partner organizations tracked by school districts across college, career, and strategic partnerships; 5,000 students in STEM programs at 61 schools; 10,000 students participating in career and work-based learning experiences across 52 schools; and 30,000 students working on over a million tasks needed to enroll in college across 140+ high schools.

We've worked with Disney, Fox, HBO, Hyatt, Nike, Sony, Scholastic, England’s National Health Service, New York City Department of Education, Portland Public Schools, Metro Portland regional government, Scholastic, World Bank funded initiatives, and many other companies, government agencies, universities, and nonprofits in countries across the globe.

What started it all?

A decade into our corporate careers, like many others we were frustrated with all the wasted time and unsatisfying collaboration systems out there, draining our creativity, not encouraging it.

Whatever they are called (file sharing programs, intranets, knowledge management tools, project management software, content management systems), most were uninspiring, overly complicated, not comprehensive enough and had minimal support.

Why can’t these systems be simple to use, adaptable for anyone and cost effective?

It all seemed like common sense to us that people would want something like Grouptrail.

Grouptrail is powered by FMYI, Inc., a software company headquartered in Portland, Oregon and founded by Justin Yuen.

Justin left Nike where he was a Senior Manager in Corporate Sustainable Development to pursue this quest.

Nike believed in it too and helped get the company started. And for that, we’re eternally grateful to Nike.

So began our journey in 2004.

What do we believe in?

Like our network of partners—customers, contractors, vendors—we care more about producing outcomes than simply reaching goals.

Recognized as a pioneer in social collaboration software and featured in TechCrunch, Bloomberg, the New York Times and other publications, we are committed to serving leaders and managers driving measurable change.

As a company, we’re passionate about empowering and inspiring people in their shared mission to make a difference. We think of our customers as teammates. We’re honored that so many have chosen to use Grouptrail’s services, and the whole team works hard to provide personal one-on-one support to make the experience even better. Full customer service is always included (setup consulting, training, ongoing customer and technical support). You’re always welcome to contact us. Or call us: +1.971.222.3016.

Our team likes to work smart and play hard as part of a full life. Probably like you. We also believe in being a force for good. That’s the Grouptrail way.

Grouptrail is a proven and tested platform hosting millions of workspaces worldwide for education organizations, nonprofits, government agencies, and companies — of all sizes.

Meet the team

Our team collaborates online and remotely everyday.

Ariela Friedman

Director of Strategy, Education And Community Development

New York, New York

Chris Atencio

Senior Software Engineer

New Orleans, Louisiana

Courtney Timm

Customer Success Manager

Sherwood, Oregon

Joy Tayler

Customer Success Consultant

Orlando, Florida

Justin Yuen


Portland, Oregon

Michael Woodson

Director of Technology

Austin, Texas

Darick Dang

UI/UX Design

Portland, Oregon

Francis Gonzalez

Data Analytics and Visualization

Portland, Oregon

Jane Savage

Business Design and Innovation Lead

Portland, Oregon

Rouella Yeung

Strategy, Analytics, and Project Management

New York, New York

Susan Liao

Product Advisor

St. Johns, Oregon