Work-based learning

Grouptrail has the longest track record as a platform to manage your entire WBL process with partners and students with fidelity while growing with you as a future proof solution with integrations, features, and customizations. At the core of our scaling across the country with over 60 school districts and 1,000 schools and their partners is helping students achieve their college and career goals for equity impact. Learn more about our flexible WBL tracking software including our built in distance learning and text messaging engagement features by watching this video:

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Manage business and community partners

Plan work-based learning experiences

Track participation by students

Automatically generate the reports you need


Holistic and integrated WBL benefits for your team

Grouptrail’s platform has robust workflow process management features and is completely customizable for scaling up with compliance peace of mind. Our team provides full onboarding and ongoing support leveraging our deep knowledge of working with schools across the country. And Grouptrail has a 17 year track record as a technology company hosting millions of workspaces and providing ongoing security practices along with numerous data integrations (no custom development required or growing pains from a new software provider).

    OUR technology ADVANTAGE

    Achieve WBL implementation fidelity

    Grouptrail is the easiest and best WBL planning, managing, tracking, and data reporting solution:

    • Save staff time with ease of use for customized and configurable progress tracking
    • Automated reporting for administrators
    • Success hub for students, partners (including Advisory Board members), work-based learning opportunities, and unlimited other ways to track information (like permission slips) and programs (WBL types)
    • Easier to start with template and onboarding checklists
    • Ability to centrally update database for everyone
    • Mobile/tablet view with integration option into district IT systems
    • Communication features built in
    • Scalable through existing and new templates

    Onboarding help

    Customizable templates by state


    IT and legal agreements for procurement


    Administrator and user training


    Best practices resources and nationwide network

    Proven and tested as the first WBL tracking solution

    Portland Public Schools Office of College and Career Readiness has had the pleasure of working with Grouptrail since 2017. They’ve been an invaluable thought partner and technical solution provider as we sought to reimagine our career and work-based learning ecosystem with a lens on opportunity, access and equity. Throughout this engagement, Grouptrail has demonstrated a keen awareness of the challenges and opportunities faced by K-12 institutions, and leveraged that insight to help envision and co-create what is now our Partner Connect platform.

    As a former K-12 CIO, software startup Chief Innovation Officer and classroom teacher I’ve rarely encountered an organization like Grouptrail that really "gets" the K-12 environment. Grouptrail has consistently demonstrated great empathy, sought to understand our unique needs and provided essential expertise as we navigated the people, processes, technology and desired outcomes we aspired to.

    Our partnership continues to grow and evolve with the shifting landscape of CTE, Work-based Learning and broader partnership efforts in our district and beyond.  We are actively exploring new innovations with a jobs/work-based learning marketplace, advances in tracking of contributions, and evolution of matching capabilities. Grouptrail provides the inherent flexibility we need to add an unlimited array of items to track, matching capabilities via our tag categories and technical capabilities to support both existing and custom integrations.

    I cannot say enough about how essential they’ve been to this work and am inspired how it is transforming how PPS is connecting our students to the world of work and using data to inform decision-making and improve communication.

    Jay Keuter
    CTE Strategic Business Partnership Manager
    Portland Public Schools

    60 school districts and 5 regional ESDs

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