Program management

Find a new database that helps keep all your participant records organized for case management, students with disabilities caseload management, produces reports for funders, and manages your intake and demographic tracking needs.

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Plan and record activities

Customize your interface to match your team's goals

Track participant progress and do outreach

Record important data and use it to send texts to custom groups of participants

Manage partners

Bring in existing data or port your data to other services


Integrate your workflows from the rest of your company

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Benefits for your team

We know that you work with individuals or families that face some of the most difficult challenges and we want you to have the best system you can when providing services and supports that change people's lives. Our HIPAA compliant platform will allow you to more easily enter and track the information you need while providing a 360 degree view of what is happening with every participant.


Focus on intuitive design

  • Easy to find records
  • All records from referral to case notes all in one place - associated with each participant
  • No extra fields — each database is set up with only the fields you need
  • Easy reporting for program managers
  • Easy set up of reports for DHS and other agencies
  • Easy data entry — allowing for importing and batch updating
  • Communicate directly with participants via SMS

Onboarding help

Customizable templates


IT and legal agreements for procurement


Administrator and user training


Best practices resources and nationwide network

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Our experience with Grouptrail has been wonderful. There is ton of work that goes into brainstorming, meeting, architecting, training, testing, and problem solving an evaluation tool. The Grouptrail team has been there every step of the way while we sorted and sifted through compounding nuances that were each time sensitive and complex. Our joint dedication to evaluation efforts has allowed our organization to be better positioned while we have been seeking out larger, and more of a tailored fit in funding sources and community partners. Better funding for Bradley Angle means better services for domestic violence survivors.

Our program teams can  report clearer outcomes and they can do so in 1⁄4 of the time. Looking forward, we will be able to improve efficiencies while developing funder reports and pulling internal reports. Looking backwards, we now have a newly found ability to intentionally review our data and see who we are leaving out of services unintentionally, who we should be focusing on more, and how to make real time shifts to service delivery to increase overall impact.

Bri Condon
Executive Director
Bradley Angle

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