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Are you looking for a new database that will allow you to easily track participant information, activities and provide evidence that your program meets its outcome goals for students? Grouptrail has created a proven platform specifically for these purposes, whether you're a small nonprofit, or a 30,000+ student school district like Buffalo Public Schools. Track attendance, demographics, and outcomes all in one place and easily create reports that tell the story of your participants and programs.

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Capture student intake and demographics

Flexible dashboard to track student attendance

Useful checklists to ensure processes are followed

Data integrations with schools and automated reporting for funders

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Benefits for your team

  • Access: Program staff each have access to customizable dashboards and reports for answering questions about programming from stakeholders. No more funneling data requests through a single data person, shaving hours and sometimes days off of the time it takes to answer program questions.
  • Accuracy: From enrollment to equity, staff can now see which students they reach most effectively. With attendance and demographics linked to a student record, their data is more accurate and specific than before.
  • Scaling: No longer are student files entered in by a single person. Using permissions settings you can allow school-based staff to enter program information for each of their students. The site administrator monitors data quality, completion, and controls access, limiting certain access for registration periods.

Process flexibility for success

  • Integrate your application to eliminate hours of data entry 
  • Control access to records and forms 
  • Distinguish between in school and after school events
  • Create report templates that meet the needs of your funders and your partners

Onboarding help

Customizable templates


IT and legal agreements for procurement


Administrator and user training


Best practices resources and nationwide network

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Now I can look at the data at any time, and see right away if we are off base in enrollment and act more quickly.

Tong Zhang
Executive Director
Oregon MESA

Before Grouptrail, instructors were keeping track of attendance and lessons on paper. They would turn the attendance in once a month and someone in the office would make copies. This means that they could not do any analyses for program impact. And, if an instructor fell asleep on a train and lost all of their attendance sheets… it was GONE! Also, if an instructor was out sick there was no good way to see what lesson they were on — the sub would have to wing it.

Now with Grouptrail, instructors can enter attendance while they are in the classroom or soon after — and it includes which lesson they taught and any important notes. They like that they can have this transparency of process with students. And the interface is super easy for the instructors.

Also, because central admin staff immediately see the attendance they can reach out to instructors day-of if attendance for a school is missing. This helps them to identify whether the instructor was actually at the school or if something unexpected happened. For instance, one school canceled all classes because of COVID, but the instructor forgot to tell CITS admin staff. They like the immediate transparency they have to see if classes are happening day-to-day as expected. At one point, prior to their engagement with us they tried a more invasive system, where the instructor’s phone had a tracking app and would check the instructor in when they were in the vicinity of a school they worked at. Everyone is much happier with Grouptrail as a way to ensure things are happening as they should.

And now that they have student information, attendance, chess ratings, and more in the system they are going to start doing analysis that they could never do before. They are going to see how student attendance and use of the online chess platform impact their chess score and other transferable skills.

Shaun Smith
Director, Programs
Chess in Schools

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