Why Grouptrail?

You want to make sure things are done. And done well.

So that your teams are changing the world. Not just doing busy work.

How do you know that there’s sound data and actual progress? How do you find new and better ways for getting work done?

Using Grouptrail empowers your teams to find insights and adapt programs.

Grouptrail helps you produce outcomes that drive measurable change.

What does success look like?

We believe in teams working efficiently and effectively. That means they’re empowered to make a difference, which involves outcomes, not just work.

Making a difference requires looking at things in a new and different way.

Empowered by the data to see things the way they are and inspired to see things the way they could be, anyone in your organization can offer great, new ideas for better serving your mission.

As long as they can easily see the big picture.

What exactly is Grouptrail?

Simply put, Grouptrail is a collaborative database tool for workflow management.

Grouptrail is a proven and tested platform hosting millions of hubs worldwide for education organizations, nonprofits, government agencies, and companies — of all sizes.

That’s a lot of use, right? Well, we’ve been adapting and building this visual collaborative database to track work goals since 2004.  


Want to see more?

Most of the teams using Grouptrail are driven by a mission to change the world and powered by a culture of passion. And we're here every step of the way to help you achieve your goals. Reach out and learn more by getting a one on one customized demo.

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Grouptrail is a huge, huge saver of time. A 95% reduction in time. Training is one and done, and everyone got the hang of it. And each week, with the click of one button, the director downloads a complete report that shows which steps are missed by which students.

- Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation

Everyone has real time updates on the status of every project in the queue. This has led to more accurate project completion estimates, as well as better project outcomes to help us achieve goals. We also use it as a searchable database of comparable projects for help with ballpark estimating on future projects.

- Arciform

Grouptrail's Enroll NYC template is really, really straightforward — it shows you where students are and where they need to be. And, it allows counselors to take ownership over data and to share ownership with other staff. In real time [counselors and staff] can see what students need and respond.

- College Access: Research & Action

How are others using Grouptrail?

Teams are constantly finding cool, new ways to streamline their processes toward greater change.

Check out how others are using Grouptrail on their way to success in our blog.

Save time and stay organized.

It’s a central hub that’s integrated into and essential to workflow so your team can focus at scale.

Work more effectively.

Streamline distributed, complex programs with lots of people across mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop devices.

Stay up-to-date on progress and status.

With constant high-level overall program visibility, you can better track and prioritize your processes.

Gain access to data that inspires insights.

Adapt with new, better ideas and processes toward the ultimate outcome.