College access and success

See how the New York City Department of Education is using Grouptrail to track their college access and success process in this video:

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Track student level progress and engage them with built in texting

Capture ongoing case notes to increase impact

Built in checklists included with each template

Import and integrate with data systems for reporting

OUR PEOPLE Advantage

Benefits for your team

Your students deserve all the support you provide! And now you can make the data you collect work for them. Use the information you collect on their interests and progress, their challenges, and success to drive your communications and your decision-making: 

  • Track and engage students with actionable data goals to create an equity impact.
  • Turn data into action by helping your team connect to students in more personalized ways while managing the many, many things that they do every day.
  • “Finding the data in the haystack” — prioritizes the data you want to collect because you can’t track everything. 
  • Use information you do collect to target outreach to specific groups of students including leveraging text messaging engagement built into Grouptrail.
  • Your staff deserves to hear from you about how and what they’re doing — create dashboards that have the goal of accountability.
  • Reduce the data entry burden on staff by using Google Forms to collect info directly from students and sync it into Grouptrail. 

Customizable template

Grouptrail has created a database with benchmarks, trackers, and tools that help you easily sort, filter and communicate with participants. This helps your staff connect to students, identify trends, and keep students from falling through the cracks. And as a program leader, you are easily able to create your yearly and ad hoc funder reports.

Onboarding help

Customizable templates by state


IT and legal agreements for procurement


Administrator and user training


Best practices resources and nationwide network

Proven and tested

Grouptrail is really, really straightforward — it shows you where students are and where they need to be. And, it allows counselors to take ownership over data and to share ownership with other staff. In real time counselors and staff can see what students need and respond.  

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