What was the challenge you were trying to solve by using Grouptrail?

Before Grouptrail, Goddard Riverside’s Options Center was using two databases for our programing. One for the Access program, and one for the Success program. Both databases had its pros and cons, and the databases had features that the other did not have but we really wanted to use. There were also a lot of confusion during data transfers and there was a gap in data that was created due to the differences in the databases. A lot of manual work went into calculating data for funders and key performance indicators. We wanted to find something where all of the data can live in one place and that the data we gather can be easily reported and maintained.  

What has your experience been like with Grouptrail? 

Now that our data for both programming has been placed into Grouptrail, the experience of maintaining data has been significantly different. The data for both of our programming are in one place, and we are able to utilize the features, reports, and trackers that Grouptrail offers to help better maintain our data. The gap between the two programs have been filled, and it’s easier to maintain the data for both programming. Grouptrail is also very user friendly and easy to understand.  

What are the benefits so far?

Some benefits we found were: It is user friendly and easy to understand, the reports allow room for creativity and allows us to compute data with much less manual work, we are able to keep a better eye on our data and maintaining cleanliness, accuracy, smoother transition of data between both programming.  

Anything else you would like to add?

Grouptrail has been a wonderful experience to use! I am truly grateful to have a database that works very well and that we found something that worked for everyone!