Grouptrail showcases what’s working and what’s not working to give your team real-time access to data that enables insights and fresh ideas. And we offer the only fully configurable and customizable platform in the industry so everything is tailored to your specific needs from our proven and tested templates. The team at Grouptrail deploys daily updates to enhance your experience because we know there's no finish line when it comes to offering a best in class user experience.

Dashboard trackers

Actionable data to achieve goals.

Filter data

Narrow down the list of what you're tracking based on an unlimited number of tagged dropdown selections.

View details

Quickly see key information at a glance and drill down to all the details in a visually friendly way on mobile, tablet, desktop, and conference rooms.

Manage actions

Record progress or track attendance via the forms, drag and drop to update a status, and email or text with people.

Share with teams

Create and share trackers with other teams, including being able to download or print data-driven progress charts.

Customized setup

Completely tailored to your needs.

Flexible onboarding

Use Grouptrail's extensive templates or customize everything with our help each step of the way.

Update terminology and workflow

Our robust database administrator options empower you to edit your workflow checklists and the terminology of your data fields.

Data history

Grouptrail stores a history of your data from ongoing data forms to activity feeds, file uploads, progress bars, exportable reports, and more.

Consolidate all your spreadsheets

It's magic — automatically create new data fields from your spreadsheets so you can bring everything together on one place.

Data migration and reporting

Hit the ground running with multiple importing and exporting options.

Import existing data

Pull in existing data via spreadsheets or leverage our integrations for ongoing importing of data to ensure a smooth launch.

Export data at any time

Set up exporting of data to share with other systems you may use to track and report on results.

Live data views

Create and share data visualizations from our dashboard trackers to help teams achieve goals now instead of waiting on manual reports later.

Custom reports

Enjoy fully configurable exportable reports that can be scheduled to send at regular intervals for leadership and funders.

Third-party integrations

Works with your existing systems for scalability success.

Data compatibility

Import Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, .csv files from other systems via SFTP, and import or export with your Google Forms/Sheets. 

Single sign on

Your team can use their existing username and password through our single sign on SAML and OAuth integrations with Google, ClassLink, Clever, Okta, and more.

Text messaging

Send bulk and individual text messages with people through Grouptrail's Twilio SMS integration.

Endless possibilities

Grouptrail also integrates with Box, Stripe, and additional custom systems we can add for you!

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Who uses Grouptrail?

Grouptrail is a proven and tested platform hosting millions of workspaces worldwide for education organizations, nonprofits, government agencies, and companies—of all sizes—who are passionate about their mission to change the world.

What will Grouptrail help me do?

Large teams use our collaborative tool for tracking progress across networked projects and programs. Grouptrail showcases what’s working and what’s not working to give managers and leaders real-time access to data that enables insights and fresh ideas.

How does pricing work?

We bill by the year for one annual fee per user. Pricing is $380 per user per year and includes ongoing customer and technical support. We offer bulk discounts and optional consulting services to assist with site configuration and rollout. Reach out to us for more information.

How secure is Grouptrail?

Data security, as well as product stability, are very important to us. We have tested and proven processes in place, so you can focus on changing the world. Learn all about our steps for “defense in depth,” hosting, backups and more here. And we have numerous Student Data Privacy Consortium agreements signed.

What support is provided?

Ongoing customer and technical support is always included. Optionally you can engage the help of our experienced team for  consulting services, customized one on one training, and custom development. We’re serious about helping you work smarter, not harder.

Who built this?

Grouptrail is powered by FMYI, Inc., a software company headquartered in Portland, Oregon, and founded in 2004. Over the years, a dedicated team of innovators passionate about working better and changing the world have been innovating workflow management.

All our features are included with no hidden upgrade fees:

  • Flexible site configuration features
  • Visual dashboard trackers
  • Infinitely scalable database
  • Template task tracking
  • Automated custom reporting
  • User access controls
  • Data security
  • Compatibility with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari browsers across mobile, tablet, desktop, and conference room displays
  • Phone and email support
  • Integrations (Google Forms/Sheets, ClassLink Single Sign On and Roster Server, Clever, Okta, Twilio SMS, SFTP on AWS, and more — note that these services may separately charge extra fees)

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