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It’s more than that. It’s about getting the work done beautifully. And by beautiful I mean the services that make it elegant for people to use. We can get that with services that we love to use in our home. Work needs to be the same way.

Tech Crunch
FMYI Converts To Twitter Bootstrap To Simplify Social Network Development

If you’re looking for a tool that can help your team collaborate and manage projects in a natural way that has a low learning curve and minimal barriers to entry, it’s worth checking FMYI out.

The New York Times
FMYI 6.0 — Faster, Sleeker Collaboration via a Facebook-Like Site

The interface is clean and simple, and it's easy to learn your way around with the videos and flash tours on the site.

CBS News
Email Is Dead! Use This Cross Between SharePoint and Facebook Instead

Remarkably flexible, natural system for enterprise collaboration…

Bloomberg Businessweek
Nike, HBO, Sony Tap FMYI For Collaboration

Social networking software for business, marketed especially to companies with a sustainability focus….the software includes components for project management and other business tools.

The Oregonian
FMYI of Portland

Examples of Grouptrail customers scaling their impact