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Grouptrail showcases what’s working and what’s not working to give your team real-time access to data that enables insights and fresh ideas. See how the New York City Department of Education and Portland Public Schools are using Grouptrail to track college and career readiness in these videos:


Demo hubs.

Hit the ground running. Teams of all sizes use our collaborative database for tracking progress and impact. Here are some examples including links to Grouptrail hubs to view:

After school program management Career readiness and work-based learning Case managementCollege access and enrollment Communities of practice Partnership tracking Project portfolio and CRM operations TV castingWorkforce developmentGet a custom demo

Case studies.

Teams are as strong as they are linked. Here are stories about organizations managing programs and leveraging actionable data:

Cypress Hills CDC: College access and enrollmentOregon MESA: After school program managementPortland Public Schools: Work-based learning

Get a custom demo

National impact.

  • 1,000+ schools across the country

  • 300,000+ high school students

  • Millions of college and career related activities completed to help achieve goals

Need more information?

Can we schedule an in-person demo?

Yes. We do in-person product demonstrations which are especially useful for leadership and technical folks. First, we like to learn more about your project and/or program and make sure you have the information handy that will help get the right people into the room for a live demo.

How do I get started?

Contact us and let us know what interests you and we’ll reach out to you to schedule a meeting, set up a demo, or provide useful resources to share with your team.

What are the installation requirements?

It’s easy, all you need is a Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, macOS, Safari, or Microsoft Edge browser. Since Grouptrail is web-based, no additional software beyond a browser is needed. There are built-in views for mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, and large conference room monitors.

How long will an implementation take?

About a week. It’s possible in a day, but we know you’ve got a lot going on. We have resources to show you a typical project set up, so that over a few days you can easily configure a test for your team.

Can I do a trial run?

Of course! We want you to be confident that Grouptrail is the right tool. That’s why we offer a two-week trial period. During that time, you’ll explore the product tour. We’ll provide resources for set up and do a call to make sure you understand how the features best support your project or program.

All plans include:

  • Flexible Site Configuration Options
  • Visual Dashboard Trackers
  • Infinitely Scalable Database
  • Template Task Tracking
  • Automated Custom Reporting
  • User Access Controls
  • Data Security
  • Compatibility with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari browsers
  • Phone & Email Support
  • Integrations (Google Sheets, Box, Clever, Okta, and more)
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