Scaling Work-Based Learning with Grouptrail:

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In today’s fast-paced educational landscape, it’s crucial to stay ahead by leveraging cutting-edge digital learning solutions like Grouptrail. Our platform offers program administrators and students intuitive and easy avenues to participate in work-based learning (WBL) programs. We’re excited to invite educators, students, and industry partners to an exclusive viewing of our on-demand webinar, showcasing a comprehensive product demo of our proven and tested solution for educational innovation.

Discover best practices for managing WBL programs digitally with Grouptrail

Join us for our latest webinar on best practices for managing WBL programs digitally through Grouptrail. Experience an interactive walkthrough of the Grouptrail platform, highlighting helpful features and capabilities designed to streamline your educational program management. This platform is your go-to solution for managing work-based learning programs digitally, saving your team valuable time.

What you’ll learn in our webinar

  • Product demo: Get a high-level overview of the Grouptrail platform with insights from Justin Yuen, our CEO, showcasing how our platform stands out as a leading work-based learning platform.

  • Grouptrail use cases: Dive into real-world applications of Grouptrail with Justin Yuen (CEO) and Courtney (Customer Success Manager), demonstrating the versatility and impact of our platform in various educational settings.

  • Interactive Q&A: Engage with our team, asking questions about functionality, features, and how Grouptrail can meet your needs for a tech solution in educational programming.

Join us on the journey to educational innovation

If you’re exploring tech solutions for your programming needs or are curious about how Grouptrail can enhance your work-based learning programming, click to watch our on-demand webinar. Discover how educators and industry leaders are utilizing Grouptrail to foster innovation in education.