For school administrators who are looking for sources of funding, the new Medicaid expansion definitions and administrative claiming could be helpful. This Medicaid Expansion blog presents a review and breakdown of new Medicaid definitions and expansion that can make it easier for school programs to apply for funding.

Schools are able to provide so much more than just teaching and learning environments. By offering services like mental health treatment or care for diabetes and asthma, schools can provide greatly needed services to their student body. For students who qualify for Medicaid, there’s even more of an opportunity to provide healthcare support services. 

We wanted to share the news about expansion of Medicaid health care services in schools including behavioral health services while reducing the administrative burden (CMS article). Additionally, millions of dollars are available for schools to be reimbursed for their work with students with disabilities and Medicaid-enrolled low income students (NPR article).

A major barrier to receiving the reimbursement to support students and fund more staffing is documenting interactions with students in a secure way (OPB Article) in order to submit reports to Medicaid. Fortunately, there’s a straightforward way to set things up for success to minimize the time required from busy front line staff:

  • Student Information System integration to a secure database such as Grouptrail with sortable and filtered lists with permissions settings for access control
  • Service logs recorded and validated by staff
  • Templates to make generating the reimbursement reports a breeze
  • Trackers with status tags for follow up regarding what’s been paid and not paid
  • Dynamic data visualization views for auditing purposes for QA staff and to share with stakeholders the impact of the work and Medicaid reimbursement

The good news is if you already have Grouptrail we can set this up for you and if you don’t, we can get you up and running with our onboarding support based off of our template. And make sure to also keep an eye on the billions in the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER) which could help expand your work and projects supporting students in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.